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I detest motherhood and wont recommed it to anyone.says a mother of one

 Nicole Powell has revealed that she dislikes motherhood and wouldn't recommend it to anyone . The mother of one made this known in a post she made on her Facebook. According to her ,having a child is quit regrettable and shouldn't be recommended. Some women however agreed with her assertion on the subject. She further said that before any woman should think of having a child ,she should first understand and know her self and that if she had done likewise ,the decisions of being a mother wouldn't have been made as this has affected her freedom. See her post below  "I genuinely appreciate the love, and those that the post has inspired. I am not depressed, stressed, worried, unhappy, anxious, or any other chemically imbalanced state of beings. If I was, trust yawll would know about it unapologetically. Nor do I have postpartum. Yawll act like a mf just can't be sick of being a parent for a got damn day. The post simply went over all you simple minded MFS heads. The M